Moving On To 6th Grade!

There are lots of memory through 5th Grade and I truly miss all the times we are together as the Savvy Squad and when we laugh things out, but it’s time to move on and start 6th Grade! There are still old members of the Savvy Squad in 6th Grade including myself but there are some new members that are super nice and sweet as the ones who left! In 6th Grade there are more than one teacher you can count on! We all have to adapt to their teaching styles and made new friends. You see readers, we don’t just have one whole class, we have to move to different classes in a certain amount of time. Last year, we did not have use bells nor listen to them but now we do or not we will be tarty! If you guys don’t know, tarty is means late. If you are not in class on time, you will be tarty! This took a while to get used to but we got this in the bag! There is also more things to get used to, the most important one is remembering your schedule. We all have different subject at different time and we don’t see each other that often, but thank god there is something called: Lunch. At lunch, we get to get together again and hangout and catch up to each other, it’s also a great place to work on project and other group projects! The most important thing about 6th Grade was actually freedom and responsibilities. We ( which in ELA( English Language and Art)) called it Responsibilities=Freedom. We have to worry about our self for being tarty, we have to manage time for homework and projects. It’s a great practice for when we grow up! Sure there are great things about 6th Grade but we will never get 5th Grade, sure we miss 5th Grade but it’s time to move on.( Besides I can visit my 5th Grade teachers when ever I want!).

Even Coco agree and want to say hi!



P/S: How was your 6th Grade and 5th Grade experience???

One interesting thing happen over Spring break!

Have you ever thought of being stuck in a room when you actually lock it yourself! Yep, I am in the same situation accept my friend lock the door! We were in a room playing truth or dare and well we don’t like people come in and ruin the game so we decided to lock the door! I am pretty sure that you have the same situation or maybe a little different! After that we try to unlock the door but it didn’t work and well we are trap…I panic a lot and try to open the door. But it wouldn’t  open so we bang on the door for help and well everyone panic. ;-; I was so scared and so I tried ways to unlock it. But it was shut we can’t open it. Before my mother call people who have the keys to open I tried to unlock it a different way and it open. My mom was relief it was over but angry because my friend locked it! After all of this I learn to not shut the door. How about you guys, have you ever been this situation, well I been there twice…Anyways what did you do in your Spring Break ?

The most interesting thing happened over break!

So there are so many things happened over break and here is one thing happened that is very interesting!So I was at my friend’s house and we decided to make pancakes and everything went well until this part: I was at my friend’s house and when she put the pan in the sink I touch the pan and burn my self and this is the most interesting thing happened over break because I haven’t burn my self like last year!In conclusion this is really the most interesting thing happened to me over break!

My vacation to Phu Quoc!

My Vacation to Phu Quoc!


On my first day in Phu Quoc I was very excited to know where are we staying for the trip!When we were there I can’t believe where we are staying!?We are staying at a villa ☺!It was amazing and there something more amazing!?We are friends with the villa owner!And they live across from our villa ☺!They live in the president villa! A picture of the villa:

I stayed at villa 1066 ☺!



So we spent our first day of on the pool even though it’s kinda chili -_- but still we still enjoy our day at the pool ☺!The next thing I knew is that we had pizza for  lunch ☺!YUM☺!Then at night my dad made us fried rice ☺!Then we stayed there until thursday!


Everything was great until friday 🙁 ! We were doing great until the storm in Phu Quoc came and the flight has been canceled so we decided to stay in Phu Quoc for one more day:(.The next day, we were in the airport and we came just in time!When we were standing in the line my mom’s friend bought us chips to eat!On the plane we drank diet coke and it was amazing ☺!Then we landed and back home it was almost the best trip ever ☺!


My new puppy!

So more than a week ago,my mom and dad did a surprise for me and it was a little puppy!It is so cute,it has white  fur and it’s a tiny poodle!And also it’s a girl!I love so much!She is really loves to bite,play and she is very inverse.Even though she’s a girl but she is sometimes crazy!But still I  still love her!And if your asking her name well than her name is: Coco!Yep!First we thought of coconut but it’s too long then we started to call her Coco so her name is : Coco!Well that it’s that all about my little puppy Coco!

This is my puppy:

Christmas decoration!

Last year of Christmas we never get to decorate so this year I decor the house all by my self for this year!

So first I decided to make a wrath outside our door (the front door) and so thanks to my mom that I had Christmas decor and yeah!Thank goodness they had Christmas decor left and I mention decorate the house!I am so so lucky!

OK,last get back to the main idea! So first I wrap a light green rope thing , it look like this:

see the thing wrap around yep if you know it leave a comment down bellow!Anyways so when I wrap the light green thing into a circle I realizes that there is a better color that I did not know and so I came up with a idea!I will wrap it around the light green thing so its double color so it look nice!

Then after 30′ minutes I am finish with the out line but seriously it took so much cutting and the amount of tape is kinda low!  😉 Then somehow I saw a bell and I put the bell on it as you can see!And then I made a bow by make a bun in one side and another in the other side! And there it is it is beautiful!I was so so so proud of my self!So what do you think? Is it beautiful?Leave a comment down bellow please?!

Count out three!

If you notice in activity 1 in week 8!In the Student Blogging Challenge!As you know the count out three game instruction is:

Click on a random blog( Count one)

Then click on that blog blog roll or class blog to an random blog(Count two)

Then in that blog we click into another blog by clicking the blog roll or class blog!(Count three)

And from that blog I comment on that person blog!And also I have to do it three times!And I am doing this in week 10 because I think I was posting weekly quotes and shout out so I decided to do this blog post about a commenting game!

So my 1st  round I start from Katie’s blog and here is the link: and then from there I click to Leila’s Blog here is the link: then from there I click to Joe’s blog here is the link: and I comment his/her blog!

Next is my 2nd round and I will stared at Joe’s Blog.From there I go to Frieda Blog, link: then I go to Briana’S Blog,Link: and hen I comment on her blog!

My last round and I will start at Briana.From there I go to Finn’s Blog ,link: then I go to Sarah blog,link: then I comment on her blog!

Thank you for reading this post I no it’s boring but just try to enjoy!